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Space A


Control Room A is what you picture an analog studio to be.
Built around a Neve V3 (60 ch.) console and powerful Genelec 1035 monitors
It also features Protools HDX (48), a Studer A800, DAD converters and a vast array of analog equipment and microphones.



Studio A is a large 250 m² space with  8 m high ceilings, flexible acoustics and 3 isolation booths.
It is most often used for live band recordings and film scoring, but can also be rented for events and rehearsals.



Studio B is a medium sized room (36m² / 150 m³) with controlled acoustics.
Used for tracking tight sounds or single instruments it is the preferred space for drums or vocals.



Every room in the facility can be used independently, please contact us to know which configuration best fits your needs

.   click to download Studio A layout

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